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<strong>Family:</strong> Testudo hermanni<br /> <strong>Origin</strong>: Mediterranean<br /> <strong>Size</strong>: ranging up to 2cm-28cm, depending on age and husbandry<br /> <strong>Diet</strong>: Herbivore<br /> <strong>Water</strong>: a shallow dish should be made available at all times for bathing.<br /> <strong>Terrarium</strong>: use of a tortoise table is preferred<br /> <strong>Substrate</strong>: provide a good mixture to allow choice<br /> <strong>Decoration</strong>: rocks, with a range of surfaces<br /> <strong>Lighting</strong>: UV lighting must be provided for good bone growth<br /> <strong>Temperatures:</strong><br /> <strong>Compatibility:</strong> can be kept together when smaller, but males will become more dominant<br /> <strong>Sexing</strong>: able to be done at an older age.<br /> <br /> To be updated soon


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