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Family: Gekkonidae
Origin: Southern Asia, Pakistan to Northwest India
Size: 6 – 9 inches
Diet: Crickets, mealworms, grubs and maybe once a week or so, a pinky mouse; provide calcium/vitamin D supplement and a multivitamin.
Water: Provided at all times
Terrarium: A 10-gallon aquarium; 15 for a pair
Substrate: Sand, artificial turf, newspaper, paper toweling
Decoration: Caves and rocks to climb on; hide/humidity box; keep it simple for cleaning
Lighting: Incandescent; full spectrum can be used but may not be necessary
Temperatures: 75°-85°F by day with a 90°F basking area; 70’s by night
Compatibility: Do not house two males together; aggressive when breeding
Sexing: Males have post-anal swellings, a wider tail base, and V-shaped pre-anal pores leading to the vent

NB: Photo is of one of our breeding males and it not for sale. Please make contact for specific photos of current babies available.


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